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World Best Car Infotainment Systems
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World Best Car Infotainment Systems Company, DIGEN.
Only the prepared can leave a legacy of success.
Based on our management philosophy of ‘creating customer convenience based on human resources and technology’, DIGEN is preparing for our leap to become a top-tier company of the 21st century based on advanced technology development through continuous R&D investments, technologies and know-how and actively cultivation of overseas markets.

On behalf of all of our employees at DIGEN, I thank you for visiting our website and wish all of you and your families much prosperity and happiness.

Based on our conviction to contribute to our region and country as a century-strong company, DIGEN is a group where all employees are preparing for a future filled with dreams and with a collective heart.

Since our establishment in 1999, we have accumulated many technologies and actively invested in new technological developments based on our superior R&D personnel comprising more than 30% of our entire workforce through our creative corporate mentality that values people and technologies. Through such efforts to become a world-class display manufacturer and advanced technological leader, we were the first company in Korea to successfully localize LCD modules, which are now being supplied to various automakers.

Value creation through change – this is the mentality here at DIGEN.” To achieve this, all of our employees are endlessly conducting innovation activities in order to create a speedy and dynamic organization across all processes from decision-making to execution. We ask for your continued interest and support as we grow into a top-tier company of the 21st century that maximizes customer convenience through people and technologies.

Thank you.
디젠 CEO
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