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  • 2016 Designated as a World Class 300
    Designated as Employment-friendly enterprise for the Cith of Daegu
  • 2015 Change in CEO (Han, Moo-Kyung => Jeong, Yeon Guk)
    Establishment of DIGEN no. 2 plant
    Received order for Ssangyong Motors Radar System (Development/Production)
    CMMI ML3 Software International Quality Certification
  • 2014 Received order for Mitsubishi Motors AVN system (Development/Production)
    Received order for Tata Daewoo Motors AVN system (Development/Production)
    Awarded Automotive Parts Industry Grand Prize (Organization Category)
    Awarded the 2014 Korea Creative Economy CEO Award (Chairman Han, Moo-Kyung))
  • 2013 CMMI ML2 Software International Quality Certification
    Awarded Industrial Package Award for the National SMB Competition
    Designated as the 2014 Venture KRW 100 Billion Corporation
  • 2012 Received order for Mahindra& Mahindra AVN system (Development/Production)
    Delivery of GM LCD module
    Received order for Ssangyong Motors before-market LCD Audio, AVN system development/production
    Awarded the Trade Day USD 20 Million Export Tower
  • 2011 Launch of 3D Map, Voice Recognition AVN System
  • 2010 Establishment of Tianjin Corporation  
    Delivery of AVN Front Panel (Hyundai Mobis)
    Designated as a high-speed growth 500 company in Asia Pacific for 2010 for the 2nd consecutive year
    Awarded the Trade Day USD 10 Million Export Tower
    Certification for achieving Zero-Hazard Target (420 days)
  • 2009 Designated as a high-speed growth 500 company in Asia Pacific for 2009 by Deloitte
    Achieved USD 10 million in exports Achieved KRW 60 billion in sales
    Development and delivery of Hyundai/Kia Motors before-market AVN system AM/HD, HD-HEV)
    Designated as a Star Corporation for the City of Daegu
    Received Certification as a Women Business
  • 2008 Delivery of market AVN (Hyundai Autonet)
    Delivery of P/DIO AVN for Chinese market (Hyundai Autonet)
    CEO change (Lee, Su Yeok -> Han, Moo-Kyung)
    Achieved KRW 20 billion in sales
  • 2007 ISO14001/TS16949 Quality System certification
    Delivery of Hyundai/Kia Motors Standard AVN LCD Module
  • 2006 Received Hyundai Automotive Group SQ Mark Certification
  • 2005 Relocation of Headquarters (Seongseo District no. 4)
    Corporate name change (Daegyung Intercom -> DIGEN)
    Achieved exports of USD 3 million
  • 2004 Registered as a supplier for LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics
    Acquired investment from KDB Bank
    Registered as a Motorola Supplier
  • 2003 Designated as a Parts/Materials Company (MOTIE)
    Designated as a Leading SMB for the City of Daegu
    Awarded Grand Prize for Daegu-Gyeongbuk Advanced Venture Corporation Competition
    Awarded Model SMB Award
    Registered as a BOE-HYDIS supplier
    Delivery of automotive OEM models (before-market products)
    Acquisition of QS9000 Quality Certification
  • 2002 Registered as a Hyundai Autonet supplier
    Designated for Technology Innovation Development Project
    Registered as a Daewoo Precision supplier
    Acquisition of E Standard (European automotive standard)
    Participation in the Hong Kong International Electronics Showcase
    Participation in the Las Vegas Automotive Parts Showcase
  • 2001 Acquisition of CE Standard Mark  
    Designated as a INNO-BIZ corporation
    Designated as a military special exemption corporation
  • 2000 Establishment of Technical R&D Center
    Acquisition of FCC Standard Mark
    Designated as a Promising Export SMB
  • 1999 Established Company
    Registered as a Venture Corporation
    Designated as a Promising Technology Corporation
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