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World Best Car Infotainment Systems
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"World Best Car Infomedia System"

In order to provide vehicle safety and convenience through the convergence of automotive and IT technologies, we are doing our best to develop integrated display devices with high added-value and core future vehicle technologies.

RnD Center.


Principles behind the development of AUTOMOTIVE electronics

RnD Center.

Providing more convenience and safety to mankind! Research and development is the source of power for Digen’s future. With the recent increase and diversification of multimedia contents, AV integration technologies have become vital for improved driving safety and convenience. Based on ceaseless R&D activities, Digen will not only provide key module parts and systems to automakers, but also add convenience for our customers.


Technological developments that satisfy customers

We are spearheading the development of automotive products and modules that achieve customer satisfaction and value creation.

RnD Center.

Operation of OEM quality assurance processes for all operational processes

- Development of automotive electronics parts production lines
- Possession of know-hows based on experience in various automotive electronics areas, including LCD modules, front panel assembly, and audio and AVN products

- Abundant experience and advanced technologies in automotive OEM product design and development
- Patents for technologies related to research and development
- Experience in conducting various R&D projects

Quality & A/S
- Establishment of systematic quality management systems
- Quality assurance processes suited to OEM standards

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